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2018 Highway Maintenance Conference

1.  Crack Sealing—Best Practices and Lessons Learned  
Kris Baguhn—Marathon County Highway Department; Andrew Manty—Center for Technology & Training

2. Vegetation Management 
Lex Dalton—Daltons, Inc.

3. Highway Maintenance Activity Survey 
Andrew Manty—Center for Technology & Training

4. Erosion Control Practices for Road Stream Crossing Projects 
Mitch Koetje—Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

5. Michigan DOT Permanent Signing Standards, Design, Fabrication, & Installation 
Alonso Uzcategui—Michigan Department of Transportation

6. Advances in Corrugated Steel Pipe 
Chris Mooney—St. Regis Culvert, Inc.

7. Small Diesel Engines Maintenance and Care 
Joe Thompson—AIS Construction Equipment Corporation

8. Asphalt Patching 
Clifford Cameron—KM International

9. Infrared Patching Demo 
Clifford Cameron—KM International


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