TAMC Data Collection Training

Eligibility to Rate Roads

To be eligible to rate roads in Michigan per the 2023 TAMC Data Collection Policy:

  • New raters must attend both PASER Class 1 (virtual) and PASER Class 2 (virtual or in-person) trainings. They must also attend IBR training (virtual) if participating in the rating of unpaved roads.
  • Previous raters must have attended both PASER trainings once in the last three years (2022, 2021, 2020).
  • They must have also attended Inventory-Based Rating (IBR) System™ training once in the last three years if participating in the rating of unpaved roads.

Previous raters that do not meet the above criteria, must attend PASER Class 1 (virtual) and/or PASER Class 2 (virtual or in-person) this year to be eligible to rate roads.  They must also attend IBR training if participating in the rating of unpaved roads.

Links to all available trainings are included below.  Please note that all trainings must be up to date BEFORE rating roads.

Please contact ctt@mtu.edu to verify which trainings you need to attend in order to be eligible to rate roads this year.  Even if already eligible to rate roads, raters are encouraged to attend the training sessions as a refresher.

NOTE: The Certification Survey must be filled out for each event you attend – PASER Class 1, PASER Class 2, and IBR – in order for your attendance to be counted, no exceptions.  If this survey is not completed you will be classified as a ‘No Show’.  The link to the survey is unique for each event and will be provided during each virtual training.  (i.e. If you are registered for all 3 events, you will have 3 certification surveys to complete.)  Survey links are only available for 24 hours after each event.

2023 Available Training

Registration deadlines for each training can be found on the individual registration pages once you click on the event date(s) below.

PASER Class 1 (virtual only)

Class 1 covers distress identification for asphalt, concrete & sealcoat roads and sets the foundation for the PASER visual rating system.

Tuesday, 2/14/23 (9am-11:30am)

Tuesday, 3/7/23 (9am-11:30am)

Tuesday, 6/20/23 (9am-11:30am)

Tuesday, 8/29/23 (9am-11:30am)

PASER Class 2 (virtual or in-person)

Class 2 is an intro to the PASER system. It includes TAMC updates on data collection & council updates, rating rules and tips, interactive rating exercises on asphalt, concrete, and sealcoat roads.  The virtual training is separated into two days; both days must be attended.  In-person trainings are one day, but contain the same amount of information as the virtual training. 

Virtual: Wednesday, 2/15/23 & Thursday, 2/16/23 (9am-11:30am – both days)

Virtual: Wednesday, 3/8/23 & Thursday, 3/9/23 (9am-11:30am – both days)

In-Person: Wednesday, 3/29/23 (8am-12pm) – Livonia

In-Person: Thursday, 3/30/23 (8am-12pm) – Grand Rapids

In-Person: Wednesday, 4/12/23 (8am-12pm) – Houghton

In-Person: Thursday, 4/13/23 (8am-12pm) – Gaylord

Virtual: Wednesday, 6/21/23 & Thursday, 6/22/23 (9am-11:30am – both days)

Virtual: Wednesday, 8/30/23 & Thursday, 8/31/23 (9am-11:30am – both days)

Inventory-Based Rating (IBR) System™ (virtual only)

Get the best return on investment for all your assets. IBR allows you to individually prioritize categories, set up work plans, and create stability in your asset management.

Wednesday, 2/1/23 (9am-10:30am)

Tuesday, 4/18/23 (9am-10:30am)

Tuesday, 6/27/23 (9am-10:30am)

Certification Exams

Certification exams will be held at the end of each in-person PASER Class 2 training.  There are four in-person classes scheduled this year.  Those eligible to take the certification exam include PEs who have attended three previous years of training and have been actively rating roads, or those without a PE who have attended six previous years of training and have been actively rating roads. Raters that qualify and pass the certification exam will be issued a certificate from CTT indicating the date the exam was passed.  If you would like to find out if you are eligible to take the certification exam, please contact ctt@mtu.edu.  

About TAMC Data Collection Trainings

Since 2003, the TAMC has required road agencies to collect and submit roadway condition information based on PASER. That information has been used to generate annual reports, populated interactive maps and generate a wide range of performance measures presented in dashboards. In addition to use by the TAMC, many agencies use PASER data to help manage their road systems and convey information to the public.

The Center for Technology and Training has offered PASER/IBR since 2008, with current options to complete the training online and in-person. 

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