TAMC Data Collection Training

About TAMC Data Collection Trainings

Since 2003, the TAMC has required road agencies to collect and submit roadway condition information based on PASER. That information has been used to generate annual reports, populated interactive maps and generate a wide range of performance measures presented in dashboards. In addition to use by the TAMC, many agencies use PASER data to help manage their road systems and convey information to the public.

The Center for Technology and Training has offered PASER/IBR since 2008, with current options to complete the training online and in-person. 

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Am I Required to Attend IBR/PASER Training in 2022?

Please refer to TAMC Policy. Here are some CTT tips regarding who needs to take training:


  • Anyone is welcome. All of our trainings make a great refresher and give you the opportunity to ask questions and connect with an expert. 
  • If you attended PASER training in 2019, 2020 or 2021, you are not required to attend training in 2022. 
  • DO NOT register for all PASER events - simply sign up for one "Class One" option and one "Class Two" option. 
  • RPOs and MPOs need one person trained this year. 


  • Anyone is welcome. All of our trainings make a great refresher and give you the opportunity to ask questions and connect with an expert. 
  • If you plan to rate unpaved roads, you must take IBR System training once every three years. 
  • DO NOT register for all IBR webinars, you only need to sign up for one. 

Upcoming Training

IBR System™ Training Webinars 

Get the best return on investment for all your assets. The Inventory-Based Rating (IBR) System™ allows you to individually prioritize categories, set up work plans, and create stability in your asset management. IBR training is required for raters who will be participating in unpaved road data collection in 2022. Exemptions may apply; refer to TAMC policy for more detail.


June 21, 2022; 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM: ctt.nonprofitsoapbox.com/2022juneibr


PASER Training

For more information about the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating system, visit Michigan TAMC and/or PASER Resources.

Class 1

(Choose one)

Class 2

(Choose One)

Class 1 covers distress identification for asphalt, concrete & sealcoat roads and sets the foundation for the PASER visual rating system. 

Class 2 is an intro to the PASER system. It includes TAMC updates on data collection & council updates, rating rules and tips, interactive rating exercises on asphalt, concrete, and sealcoat roads. 

August 23 - Webinar

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Register: ctt.nonprofitsoapbox.com/2022paseraug23

August 24 & 25 - Webinar

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Register: ctt.nonprofitsoapbox.com/2022paseraug2425

*All in-person events are non-refundable. If you cannot make it to an in-person event, you can register yourself for a virtual option free of charge.


Questions? Email ctt@mtu.edu with questions.