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2014 Michigan Winter Operations Conference

Presentations & Additional Materials:

Snow and Ice Economics: Staying Ahead of the Curve
Diana Clonch

MSP Road Commission Presentation
M/C Officer Jim Malone

Panel Discussion: Law Enforcement, Weigh-Master, CDL & Overloading
Bryan Pickworth
Jim Malone
Kevin McCarthy 

Plowing Wider
Will Thompson

Green Plow Lights
Matt Wiktorowski
Jerry Tremblay

Innovations: Green Strobe Lights
Jim Miller.

Gregory Glover
Abner Johnson

Making Brine Simple
Bryan Pickworth
Jim Miller
Mark DeVries 

Salt Distribution Systems
Mark Crouch
Matt Pratt

Indiana Case Study: Unlocking Winter Savings
Rich Domonkos

Panel Discussion: Winter Maintenance Policies
Matt Wiktorowski
Kevin McCarthy
Brian Gutowski

Contracting Winter Services
Brian Gutowski
Matt Wiktorowski

MDOT AVL and MDSS Implementation
Justin Droste

Winter Equipment Checklist: Preparing for Winter
Mark Clancey

Snowplow Safety Training
Rich Domonkos

Panel Discussion: Snow Removal in Parks and Recreation Areas
Chris Frey
Mark Clancey
Guy Pickworth
Bryan Pickworth

Benching Snow
George Messner

Liquid Calibration Demo
Bryan Pickworth
Mike Delph
Kevin McCarthy

Vendor: Ironhawk Industrial Distribution
Ron Abramczyk

Vendor: Construction Equipment Model Creep
Daniel Novak

Vendor: Snap-on Industrial

Vendor: Winter Equipment Company Inc.
Jason Bartuseck

Green Plow Lights Demos
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5