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2019 Michigan County Engineers' Workshop


  1. TAMC's New Role with the MIC - Joanna Johnson
  2. Local Agency Pavement Warranty Program Panel Discussion - Steve Puuri, PE; Dave Pettersch; Lance Malburg, PE; Wayne Harrall, PE
  3. Traffic County Equipment, Setup, and Best Practices - Frank Benavidez; Edward Potter
  4. Engineering the Perfect Deposition - Bill Henn, JD; Burt Thompson, PE
  5. A Case Study in Public Engineer Liability: "Water You Doing?" - Bill Henn, JD
  6. Pavement Preservation and Fog Seals - Harrison County, Indiana -- Kevin Russel, PE
  7. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Best Practices - Mitch Koetje (Presentation Cancelled)
  8. MDOT Local Agency Program Update - Tracie Leix, PE; Bruce Kadzban, PE; Kelly Crannell, PE
  9. Sub-committee Reports of the Engineering Committee - Bob Lindbeck, PE
  10. Roscommon County Ultrathin Overlay Case Studies - Tim O'Rourke
  11. "Best-First": A 20-year Case Study in Aggressive CPM Treatments (...or Are You a Chicken?) - Bradley Lamberg, PE
  12. Using Drones on Local Agency Projects - Joe Campbell, PE
  13. Jackson County DOT Cold-in-place Recycling Program and First Year Review - Christopher Bolt, PE; Angela Kline, PE
  14. Cold in Place Panel Discussion - Brian Gutowski, PE; Terry Palmer, PE; Cory Wale, PE; Christopher Bolt, PE; Angela Kline, PE
  15. Working with Other Agencies: Houghton County Flood Recovery - Kevin Harju, PE; John Cima, PE
  16. Clare Avenue Experimental Project and Chip Seal Experiences - Deepak Gupta, PE
  17. Documenting NEPA Activities on Local Agency Federal-aid Projects - Eric Costa; Mark Harrison, PE; Lynnette Firman, PE; Tracie Leix, PE
  18. Drone Demonstration
  19. FHWA Update - Kurt Zachary, PE
  20. MDEQ Update - Jim Watling, PE
  21. NACE Update - Wayne Schoonover, PE
  22. CRA of Michigan Update - Steve Puuri, PE
    1. LTAP Update - Pete Torola, PE