2023 TAMC Fall Asset Management Conference

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1. TAM Conference Part 1: Bob Slattery, Joanna Johnson, Pete Torola, Erin Kuhn
Bob Slattery - Introduction 

Joanna Johnson - TAMC Update 

Pete Torola - National State of Practice on Local Asset Management 

Erin Kuhn - Michigan Infrastructure Council Update

2. TAM Conference Part 2: Brad Sharlow, Lina Chapman, Michelle O'Neill
Brad Sharlow, Lina Chapman, Michelle O'Neill - TRB Asset Management Conference Highlights - Panel

3. TAM Conference Part 3: Michele Fedorowicz, James VanSteel, Mark DeClercq
Michele Fedorowicz, James VanSteel - SEMCOG Infrastructure Coordination Project 

Mark DeClercq - Making the Move to Levels of Service for Asset Management

4. TAM Conference Part 4: Mike Toth, Heather Hoeve,Tim Colling PhD, Eric Costa
Mike Toth, Heather Hoeve - Inventory and MIRE FDE 

Tim Colling - Road Surface Identification Using AI Models on Remote Sensing Data 

Eric Costa - Michigan's 2022 Roads & Bridges Annual Report