2022 TAMC 20-Year Celebration and Conference

Celebrating 20-Years of the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Counci

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Bob Slattery — Transportation Asset Management Council

1. Rebuilding Michigan Infrastructure for Future Resiliency
Paul Ajegba, PE—Michigan Department of Transportation

2. Federally Required Transportation Asset Management Plans
Andy Pickard—Federal Highway Administration

3. Advancing Asset Management In Michigan
John Weiss—Grand Valley Metro Council
Joanna Johnson — Transportation Asset Management Council

4. Past TAMC Leaders Panel
Steve Warren, Carmine Palombo, Roger Safford, John Daly, Brian Sanada

5. 2021 PASER Data Collection
Eric Costa—Transportation Asset Management Council

6. Performance Evaluation Of Asphalt Surfaced Low Value Road Foundations
Richard Reid, PhD — South Dakota State University

7. Bridge Committee Update Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council
Beckie Curtis — Michigan Department of Transportation

8. History of Non-Federal Aid Road Asset Management at Emmet County Road Commission
Brian A Gutowski, PE — Emmet County Road Commission

9. Integrating Asset Management and Project Management to Spend Funds Wisely
Dennis A Randolph, PE — City of Kalamazoo

10. State of Practice Scan for Pavement Data Collection Report Overview
Tim Colling PhD, PE — Center for Technology and Training