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Asset Management Plan Templates  -  NEW!!

The templates are flattened Microsoft Word documents that can be simply edited in Word to create a personalized compliance plan or asset management plan. 


Asset Management Plan Tools  -  NEW!!

The tools are zipped folders consisting of interactive Word documents, macro-enabled Microsoft Excel workbooks, and/or comma-separate-value files that can be used in conjunction with data outputs from Roadsoft and MiBRIDGE (supplied by user) or with manual data entry (by user) into a .csv file to produce a final, flattened Word document. The tools currently available for download are version 2019. Note: If you downloaded the pavement, bridge, and compliance plan tools at different times, they might not work together due to updates made to each of the tools. Download the 09/08 version of the PA 325 Compliance Plan Tools and use the Run Patch button to sync your data for the compliance plan.

IMPORTANT: If your computer system is running with Sharepoint, you will need to copy the tools to a USB and run the tools off of the USB.



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