Continuing Education for Professional Engineers in Michigan


Each state has its own requirements for professional engineers' license renewal. Most states require professional engineers to complete a minimum number of continuing education hours. Continuing education hours should assist the engineer in maintaining or improving their skills in their area of expertise or professional practice. Most states allow the engineer to make the determination as to which events meet the requirements for continuing education.

For the specific requirements in your state, please consult your state's engineering licensing board or review your state's regulations on professional engineer licensing.

Record Keeping

Most states require licensed professional engineers to retain records or the training events used to meet their continuing education requirements. Advertisements and certificates of completion issued by the CTT provide all of the information necessary to meet these requirements. If, however, you are missing either a certificate of completion or required information for a specific training event, contact us and we will work with you to provide the necessary information.
The Center for Technology & Training recommends using this Continuing Education Hours Log Sheet to record the training details. Please verify the information required by your state and, if necessary, record any additional information that your state may require.

Webinar Policy

In order to receive a certificate of completion for attending a CTT webinar, individuals must meet both of the following requirements:
  • Be registered for the webinar by completing the online registration through the site before the registration closes for the event. Each registration will include the applicable per-person charges for the webinar regardless of how many connections are used.
  • Complete the online self-certification survey that will be available at the end of the webinar. The self-certification survey will appear once the event evaluation (if applicable) has been completed; prior to April 7, 2021, the self-certification survey will appear once the event evaluation (if applicable) AND the attendee count questions have been completed.¬†

Recordings of Training Events

While the CTT sometimes produces recordings of online events, the CTT only issues certificates for live events (in-person or virtual); the CTT does not issue certificates for watching  recordings.

Please allow several weeks after an event to receive your certificate of attendance and the webinar recording (when available).

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

State Engineering Licensing Board(s)