Other Training Opportunities

We always keep an eye out for other great training opportunities outside of the CTT. Check out these opportunties for other webinars, events, and learning opportunities!


National Highway Institute

Do you have an upcoming culvert, bridge or road rehab project? Do you have scour critical bridges? A 2021 FHWA review of MDOT's hydraulic program recommended the MDOT Load Agency Program offer local agencies additional training in hydraulic modeling and scour analysis. These NHI trainings offer a good introduction or refresher to transportation-related hydraulic principles. Check out these upcoming events and even earn continuing education credits toward your P.E.! 


Basic Hydraulic Principles Review

Are you involved in a bridge design that will be constructed over a waterway? Are you just getting started working with hydraulics or need a refresher? Basic Hydraulic Principles Review allows the participants to revisit and gain a deeper understanding on the fundamental hydraulic concepts. Participants also get familiar with the equations used for various types of flow conditions.This course is strongly recommended by NHI and is a prerequisite for various other courses.


Highway Hydrology: Basic Concepts & Methods

Are you involved in drainage features or stream crossings? Do you want to gain a deep understanding about basic hydrologic concepts? This 3-lesson course discusses various topics such as the hydraulic cycle, risk and return period, how storm duration affects runoff, regression equations, and so much more. Highway Hydrology enables participants to feel comfortable with hydraulic concepts.


Culvert Hydraulic Analysis and Design Program [HY-8]

Do you know how to use HY-8 software? Do you want to learn and understand the capabilities of HY-8? Topics covered in this six lesson course include but are not limited to, conventional design scenarios, special geometries, energy dissipation, project file management and HY-8 overview. Culvert Hydraulic Analysis and Design Program allows you to gain a deeper understanding of HY-8 and also counts as a prerequisite for various other courses.


Steam Stability Factors and Concepts

Are you involved in the consultation or inspection of hydraulic issues related to bridges? Stream Stability Factors and Concepts gives the participants a deeper understanding of sediment continuity, stream stability factors, and river processes. This course is also a prerequisite for many additional courses.


Scour at Highway Bridges: Concepts and Definitions

Do you want to gain a better understanding about scour? This course teaches the participants about scour and the main differences between live-bed and clear-water scour. This course is also a prerequisite for multiple other courses.


Plan of Action (POA) for Scour Critical Bridges

Do you want to learn or become better at creating POAs for scour critical bridges? POA for Scour Critical Bridges explains the purpose of POAs, along with explaining how to implement a POA. In addition, participants will understand the POA template and how to use it effectively.