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March 16-18, 2021   |   Virtual Event


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The Michigan Bridge Conference provides information about bridge inspection, research, construction, repair, and management over the course of two days. Day 1 features educational sessions focused on a specific topic. It benefits state and local bridge engineers; bridge consultants; and personnel responsible for design, construction, and maintenance of bridges. Day 2 encompasses a broader range of topics and includes program updates. The conference is open to engineers, engineering consultants, and surveyors from state, municipal, and local agencies who manage or work with bridge assets.

The Michigan Bridge Conference is a conference of the Center for Technology & Training (CTT). It is hosted each year by the CTT, home of Michigan's Local Technical Assistance Program and the Bridge Load Rating Program. For more information on the conference and for registration information, please explore the tabs, above, on



2021 Michigan Bridge Week March 16 through 18
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Join us for the Michigan Bridge Week in 2021! Registration is now open for Michigan Bridge Week! Additional event details and the agenda are available in the event flyer.

The registration fee includes:

  • Access to all sessions for the specific event
  • Event handouts and other materials (hard copy or digital) for that day
  • Food and refreshments for meals and breaks listed in the agenda for that day (if applicable)

For on-site events, registration does not include accommodations; the conference flyer will contain details on accommodations that are available for participants. Please notify us in advance if you have special dietary needs. NOTE: Michigan Tech reserves the right to use any pictures taken during this event for advertising and/or instructional purposes.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No-shows and cancellations within three business days prior to the event will be charged the full registration fee. Substitutions will be accepted.

Questions? E-mail or call (906) 487-2102.




Michigan Bridge Week will count for instructional hours for continuing education for professional engineers. The number of hours will be noted in the event flyer. The CTT’s continuing education policy is available at




The Michigan Technological University Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering typically offers an alumni and friends gathering concurrently with Michigan Bridge Week events. This is a separate event hosted concurrent to the event. Stay tuned for more information.




A look back at 2019 Bridge Conference...


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PRESENTATIONS - Day 1: Educational Sessions

1. Introduction - video 1 and video 2
Chris Gibertson—Center for Technology & Training

2. National Bridge Inspection (NBI) Program Overview
Sonny Jadun, PE – FHWA;   Ralph Pauly, PE – FHWA

3. NBI Program Metric 12
Sonny Jadun, PE—FHWA Resource Center
Allie Nadjarian, PE—MDOT

4. NBI Program Metric 13 & 14 - part 1 and part 2
Thomas Saad, PE—FHWA Resource Center
Creightyn McMunn, PE—MDOT

5. NBI Program Metric 15- part 1 and part 2
Sonny Jadun, PE—FHWA Resource Center
Brian Zakrezewski, PE—MDOT

6. NBI Program Metric 18
Erik Carlson, PE—MDOT Hydraulic Unit
Allie Nadjarian, PE—MDOT

7. Inspection Technology: 3D Bridge App
Reid Sawtell—Michigan Tech Research Institute

8. Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program
Allie Nadjarian, PE—MDOT
Eric Rickert, PE—Great Lake Engineering Group
Rich Kathrens, PE—Spicer Group, Inc.
Amy Trahey, PE—Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC

9. Quality Assurance/Quality Control Case Study
Amy Trahey, PE—Great Lakes Engineering Group, LLC



1. FHWA Update
Ralph Pauly, PE—FHWA

2. MDOT Update
Matt Chynoweth, PE – MDOT

3. Local Bridge Program Update
Keith Cooper, PE—MDOT

4. Question & Answer

5. Bridge Construction/Railroad Coordination
Ryan Hoensheid, PE—MDOT Office of Rail

6. Channel Design at Road-Stream Crossings
Holly Vickers—MDEQ Transportation Review Unit
James Watling, PE—MDEQ Water Resources Division

7. Bridge Bundling
Beckie Curtis, PE—MDOT

8. Bridge Asset Management
Beckie Curtis, PE—MDOT

9. Routine Bridge Inspection Using a Drone
Jason Fogg, PE—HDR, Inc.
Mile Wilson, PE—MDOT

10. Technical Aspects of GRS/IBS Bridge Design & Construction
Craig Schripsema, PE—OHM Advisors

11. Substructure Repair
Michael Close, PE—GeoStabilization International

12. 2018 Anchor Link Replacement on Original Blue Water Bridge
Craig Dashner, PE—OHM Advisors
Tom Bachmayer—OHM Advisors

Each year, we try to provide you with the most innovative and timely topics related to technology, training, and technical assistance. If you are presenting for us during this year's presentation, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Create an outline for your presentation. Make sure you have a clear central idea and three to four audience take-aways. This will help you create a presentation that is easy for your audience to follow.
  • Keep points simple and succinct. You're an expert, but there are many people in the audience that are new to this information.
  • Use large type, standard fonts, and strong contrast on your slides. This will guarantee that your audience will see what's most important.
  • Use simplified charts and graphs instead of tables. The finer details work best for printable charts, graphs, and tables. When you omit these details from your slides, don't worry: you can still talk about them if you feel that some of those details were helpful for context.
  • Use images where possible. And, remember: any words on your slide should not be repeating the words you are saying; otherwise, you and your slides will be redundant.
  • Use video only if it is the best or only way to communicate your point. Be sure to clip videos to the most salient sections. Your audience is there to hear you!

Please feel free to contact us at if you need assistance in constructing your presentation. We will be happy to help you!


Do you know a person who is knowledgeable about an innovative technology or a timely training topic? Do you know something about a technology or technique that you think would help your peers? Please take a moment to suggest a person you know or yourself as a potential speaker at one of our upcoming conferences using the form below. 


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The links below contain the conference brochure and presenter slideshows (you'll be redirected to the Michigan LTAP website for events that took place before 2012).