Bridge Week


March 14-16, 2023   |   Muskegon, Michigan


The Michigan Bridge Conference provides information about bridge inspection, research, construction, repair, and management over the course of two days. Day 1 features educational sessions focused on a specific topic. It benefits state and local bridge engineers; bridge consultants; and personnel responsible for design, construction, and maintenance of bridges. Day 2 encompasses a broader range of topics and includes program updates. The conference is open to engineers, engineering consultants, and surveyors from state, municipal, and local agencies who manage or work with bridge assets.

The Michigan Bridge Conference is a conference of the Center for Technology & Training (CTT). It is hosted each year by the CTT, home of Michigan's Local Technical Assistance Program and the Bridge Load Rating Program. For more information on the conference and for registration information, please explore the tabs, above, on


2023 Bridge Week Sessions


MDOT Update
Beckie Curtis, PE—MDOT

Local Bridge Program Update
Keith Cooper, PE, MDOT

FHWA Update
Ralph Pauly, PE - FHWA

TAMC Update
TAMC Bridge Committee

Gordie Howe International Bridge Update
Kyle Kopper, PE - MDOT
Johnnathan Quijano - Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority

Geopolymer Structural Mortar Repair on US23 Underpass
David Keaffaber, PE - Geotree Solutions
Jason DeRuyver, PE - MDOT

Dickinson County Composite Bridge
Lance Malburg, PE - Dickinson County

MDOT's Bridge Model as Legal Document
Alex Svilar, PE & Joe Brenner, PE - Michael Baker Intl

MDOT Bridge Bundling Update
Ihab Darwish, PhD, PE - Alfred Benesch
Roger Safford, PE - HNTB



Bridge Workshop - MDOT NBIS Updates
Bridge Workshop - FHWA Introduction to SNBI Updates
Creightyn McMunn, PE & Allie Nadjarian, PE - MDOT
Brian Zakrzewski, PE

Track A

Bridge Abutment Design
Upul Attanayake, PhD, PE & Yufeng Hu, Ph.D., P.E. - Western Michigan University



Maintenance Scoping

Jacob Creisher, PE - MDOT
Aaron Porter - MDOT
Cliff Graves - MDOT

M38 - Sturgeon River Collaboration
Brandon Boatman, PE - MDOT
Jordy Maloney, PE - MDOT

Healer Sealer Research & Epoxy Overlay
Upul Attanayake, PhD, PE - Western Michigan University

Deck Patching
Jacob Creisher, PE - MDOT
Tom Ranck - MDOT

Substructure Repair
Jason DeRuyver, PE - MDOT



Continuing Education: The 2023 Bridge Week counts for up to 17.75 hours of continuing education for professional engineers; registration required. The Center for Technology & Training's continuing education policy is available at

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The links below contain the conference brochure and presenter slideshows (you'll be redirected to the Michigan LTAP website for events that took place before 2012).